Web Applications

The Soft Design has the expertise needed to develop the best dynamic web applications, fully satisfying, and sometimes surpassing the expectations of its customers.

The term "dynamic site" we mean a set of pages (site) that give us the possibility of word processing, modification and creation of new content directly on the site.

For the modern business the right web design is very serious business, because it has a direct impact on the person who wants to show (local and global market) and also has a direct impact in sales.

Sometimes creating a web site was a single man case, a web designer. Today, creating a modern, functional and competitive web site requires the cooperation of many experts, analysts such as text, graphic designers, programmers, in cooperation with the marketing people devise "e-strategy" of the business and create its electronic "storefront".

The Soft Design has been one of the first Greek companies in the area: the first of the projects delivered in 1999. In the meantime it had accumulated extensive experience across the range of technologies that make today's Internet.

The Soft Design with qualified and experienced staff will guarantee the establishment of a well-planned, functional and quality web application using the latest technology such as HTML5, Flash, Java, ASP, XAML, XML, C #,. Net, CSS.

Regardless of the size of the project we particular focus on the following three areas:

• Appearance: avoiding the usual excesses of the Greek web and selected the proper use of images and colors to the sites to highlight the content rather than hide it.
• Function: special emphasis on the qualitative implementation of projects at programming. Caution: the navigation, loading speed, internal data structures and compatible with all browsers.
• Content: a successful website that makes the visitor to return. The only proven way to achieve this is the material of the web is always informed and rich in content.