The programming on demand was the first department Soft Design when it was founded in 1987 and remains today a major business segment. The staff includes specialists in a variety of languages and tools required for the production of specific applications, whether based on a simple Microsoft Excel or using multiple modules written in languages like Java and C # by saving data to their presentation to the user.

The Soft Design has a staff who knows the most important programming languages, whether for Desktop applications, or Internet, or PDA, or Smartphone. There is greater expertise in the following programming languages and gives us a unique advantage over other companies in the industry, we can freely choose the most efficient programming language for each project.

•. Net Framework (C #, VB)
• Java
• SQL (SQL Server, Oracle, MySql)

Quality control in planning in order is as important as any other product, this means that staff Soft Design works directly with customers and is available to resolve problems when necessary.

To buy a ready-made software product costs are usually cheaper than creating your own through custom programming. But they are able to do what you expect to do? Is it too complicated because it tries to do many things for many users? If there are unresolved issues, then the programming on demand may be the answer. Allow Soft Design to write software that does exactly what you need, and perhaps more fundamentally, to write software that can be modified in the future when needed and as needed.