Internet Services
Services such as Domain Names, advertising on popular search engines, rent space for hosting your website or renting space for hosting your files offered by experienced personnel Soft Design active years in the Internet.

Now the construction site for each company is essential and the first thing you need is to ensure the domain name. Our partner will help you choose the right domain name as it plays an important role in the storage facility and the public who wants to reach.

The next step after the domain name is renting the space you need to upload your site. The Soft Design offers several hosting packages with different amounts of data, traffic volume and other support technologies that can surely meet the different needs of users.

Advertising online is now quite common and may be the most efficient means of advertising it can be targeted. To advertise that a public that is owned by someone or some areas you choose. We can offer advertising on the most widely used search engines (google, yahoo, bing, etc.) as well as the larger social networks (facebook, etc).

If you want your files are stored somewhere surely be accessed from anywhere you have internet access and then the Soft Design provides you several packages for space.