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Website for the company and working marble fireplaces Gouliaris Energy Trading SA

The Soft Design implemented the online store of the company AFI Gouliaris which you can see at

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Development of specialized software for monitoring the operations and maintenance of the Technical Office hoists RODAS - BARBAS OE

The Soft Design has developed and has successfully specialized software for monitoring the technical work and planning of maintenance of the technical office elevators.

Annual IT support-maintenance in the computer application of Land Registry Athens

The Soft Design undertook the annual support - maintenance of computer application which is installed in the department of Management of Land Registry Athens and software development and operation of applications (Emulation & Development Software) The system of central / Y Land Registry Athens.

Upgrade the Information System of Financial Division Ministry of Justice Hellas

In the Information System of the Ministry of Justice budget added new mechanism works related tasks associated with the post offices and automatic import of data from regional offices in the database of the Budget. Additionally created a computer application on rents property from Ministry of Justice Hellas and creates automatic update mechanism of the Budget. The massive post on DIAVGEIA decisions is the third part of an addition to the information system of the Financial Division . Head of the working group for the implementation of the above project is Mr. Vasilis Anagnopoulos .

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